When last did you have a conversation with your money?

Fostering a good relationship with your money starts with a clear understanding of what works, for both you and your bottom line. Yes, money is important, but what you want it to do for you is just as important as how much you make.

Wealth Alliance will help you find a different way of looking at your wealth. You’ll have an action plan for your future built around you, your goals and the money you’ll be able to earn long into the future.

How Wealth Alliance empowers you to change your perspective.

Study, get a job, earn money and repeat until retirement. These are the traditional steps to wealth usually taught and ingrained in our minds from a young age.

While this path may be practical, it relies on someone else leading the way and puts your personal financial freedom at risk. As unemployment rates reach new heights, it’s now more important than ever to create income streams that you own and grow on your own.

With Wealth Alliance, increasing your bottom line starts with a complete shift in mindset and developing a new attitude towards your money.

Our training and techniques will leave you ready to conquer whatever you set your mind to, while making sure that your money works hard for you today and smart for you tomorrow.

Think and Grow Rich

Inspired by Napoleon Hill’s legendary best-seller, Think and Grow Rich, our leading training stream is called Think and Grow Rich: A Lifetime of Riches in Property. In it, we apply the 13 classic principles to the South African property market, resulting in a clear course of action for successful property investment. Join us at one of our free seminars in a city near you.

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Our Partners

Milan and Sylvia Milosevic, two real-estate entrepreneurs, are ardent supporters of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. They have applied the 13 principles to all their property investments and have seen great property success.

Milan and Sylvia have the experience, expertise and real-life profit examples that prove that the Think and Grow Rich philosophy can work for ANYONE.

Working with technology and marketing partners, Milan and Sylvia have formed Wealth Alliance, allowing them to empower individuals to change their perspective on traditional wealth creation.